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Why You Need a Forensic DNA Expert

If you're a defense attorney, a defendant, or the loved one of a defendant and your case involves forensic DNA evidence, I strongly suggest getting expert advice.


Forensic DNA evidence has become more complex over the past several years, and more open to interpretation than ever before. Too many people get caught up in a fight they can't win because they don't have the information they need. Defendants deserve the right to a fair trial not one where prosecution experts go unchallenged.


If your case involves DNA, it's useful to get a fresh, unbiased set of eyes. The bench notes and raw DNA data files that underlie the conclusions in a crime lab report may contain details important for building an effective defense. With low-level complex mixed DNA profiles dominating the scene these days, context is everything.

Your DNA expert will assess the true weight of the evidence and help you make the best decisions for your case moving forward.

Professor and Forensic DNA Expert

Why Choose Me?

My core philosophy is that it's better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.


Nothing upsets me more than hearing the stories of innocent people who, after spending decades in prison, are exonerated of crimes they didn't commit.


My professional passion is preventing this kind of injustice from happening in the future. If the DNA evidence in a case is weak, I will expose that fact. If the DNA evidence is strong, I'll explain why, in clear language that's easy to understand. Either way, once you hire/retain me, I'll commit myself fully to your case. 


I work tirelessly on behalf of my clients, and make sure they're fully prepared for their day in court.


"Dr. Ballard's help was invaluable. My client was exonerated, and I attribute it solely to Dr. Ballard's expert testimony and her ability to explain science in terms that are understandable to lay people."


- David Kelvin, Defense Attorney, Stockton CA 

I've been a professor at California State University, California for 25 years, where I founded the program in Forensic Biology, teach in the discipline, and run a state-of-the-art student training and research facility (CSI-TRU).

I work every day with the techniques and instrumentation used by modern crime labs. I've trained hundreds of forensics students, many of whom are criminalists today.

"What sets Dr. Ruth Ballard apart from other experts is her ability to teach others the fundamentals of DNA and DNA analysis.  She helped give me the confidence I needed for my first DNA case."

- Marina Pincus, Public Defender, Fresno

I've consulted in more than 100 cases involving forensic DNA evidence, and I am known for my ability to take complex scientific ideas and translate them effectively to laypersons, including attorneys, defendants, judges, and juries.

Most defense experts don't have my level of education combined with decades of teaching experience, which is why having me on your team gives you a competitive edge.


Forensic DNA Consulting (Serology and DNA) Ruth E. Ballard, Ph.D.

Placer County, CA

  • People v Huerta-Vega (criminal defense; consult, 2018)
  • People v M Diaz (criminal defense; public defender Leslie Ramos; consult: 2015)
  • People v H. Aller (criminal defense; public defender Erik Beauchamp; consult: 2014)
  • People v M Garcia (criminal defense; public defender Ken Hahus; consult: 2014)
  • People v J Cooper (criminal defense; public defender Erik Beauchamp; consult: 2014)

Fresno County, CA

  • People v H Vasquez (criminal defense; public defender Margarita Martinez; consult: 2019)
  • People v M Aleman (criminal defense; public defender Angelica Rivers; consult; 2018)
  • People v C Roberts (criminal defense; public defender Margarita Martinez; consult: 2016)
  • People v G Gonzalez (criminal defense; public defender James Lambe; consult: 2014)
  • People v M Hernandez (criminal defense; public defender Margarita Martinez; consult: 2013)
  • People v B Walker (criminal defense; public defender Jeffrey Hammel; consult: 2013)
  • People v Jimenez (criminal defense; public defender Marina Pincus; testimony: 2013)
  • People v M Gonzalez (criminal defense; public defender Jason Sorenson; consult: 2013)

El Dorado County, CA

  • People v B Spears (criminal defense; attorney Davia Weiner; El Dorado Hill; consult: 2015)


  • People v A Burnett (criminal defense; public defender Jennifer Cerri; consult: 2019)
  • People v Darius Wells (criminal defense; public defender Eric Handler; testimony; 2018)
  • People v Markel Forrest (criminal defense; public defender David Kelvin; testimony 2018)

Amador County

  • People v R Correa (criminal defense; public defender Erik Beauchamps; consult; 2018)


  • People v David Chmielnik (criminal defense; attorney Steve Karen; consult: 2019)
  • People v Kayshawn Smith-Harper (criminal defense; attorney Mary Puisch; testimony: 2018)
  • US vs Miller (criminal defense; attorney Theresa Ristenpart; consult: 2018)
  • People v Patel (criminal defense; public defender Kate Hickman; Reno: testimony: 2018)

Monterey County, CA

  • People v J Johnson (criminal defense; public defender Maribel Ferreira; consult: 2015)
  • People v H Martinez (criminal defense; public defender Chris Van Meir; consult: 2015)

Current cases

  • 12 in nondisclosure phase; 2016-2017
* Most recent cases only. For my full case history, please see my CV Below.

California State University, Sacramento
Department of Biological Sciences

6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6077

Ruth E. Ballard, Ph.D.

Professor of Biological Sciences and Forensic DNA Expert

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