Scientist, Author & Artist

Ruth E. Ballard, Ph.D.

Ruthy Ballard is a scientist, artist, and children’s book author who lives and works in Sacramento, California.


By day, she is “Dr. Ruth Ballard,” a professor and forensic biologist who serves as a consultant in criminal cases involving DNA evidence.


By night, she romps in an imaginative world of color and words that has been her playground since childhood.

Award Winning Author

Books and Art to Delight and Inspire

Ruthy is the author of Mateo and the Gift of Presence and is currently working on four other books in her “Tales by Moons-Light” series: Elvia and the Gift of Feeling Deeply, Bubba and the Gift of Big Thoughts, How Piper Found Peace, and Timmy and the Rock from Star.


She is also writing a companion volume for the series: Tales by Moons-Light: Stories from Before the Great Melt.


Ruthy’s books are for middle grade readers (9-12), but her creative ventures don’t stop there. She is also an artist whose unique creations aim to delight and inspire the adult crowd.


Where imagination meets science

Ruth is a biologist, author, and artist who delights in exploring the messy, dynamic landscape of the human mind.


Inspired by science, Caribbean folklore, and the works of Dr. Seuss and Pema Chodron, she excavates, through creativity, the archetypal, malevolent “demons” that hide within all of us. By drawing them out―both literally and figuratively―she exposes these psychological tricksters to the light of day, where they can be transformed into powerful allies.


It’s inspiring work that has transformed her life, and she is thrilled to share it!

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