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Want to work in a crime lab? Five mistakes that will sink your dream.

Mistake 1: Pursuing the wrong college degree. Lots of high school graduates think they need a degree in criminal justice to work in a crime lab, but they couldn’t be more wrong!  Despite how they’re depicted on TV shows, crime lab technicians are not police officers. They don’t carry guns, interview witnesses, and arrest people. […]

DNA Discovery for Defense Attorneys: The 5 Essentials your Expert will Need

If you’re a defense attorney with a new DNA case, you’ll want to request documents and files from the crime lab. Although I always suggest that attorneys seek an independent forensic DNA expert to assist (DNA evidence is complex and often confusing), you may wish to get a head start by requesting the 5 most […]

Got DNA? Six Tips for Defense Attorneys

TIP 1: Partner with an expert. As an attorney, you have the critical legal skills to defend your client. Forensic DNA experts fill in the gaps. They have the expertise and specialized software to read and interpret DNA files. They are consultants and coaches who play a key role in the justice system by supporting […]

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